How do SL Models 'earn' popularity?

I have opened moderated comments here. One of the comments I have received is from a SL Model that thinks she is 'popular'.

Very well, then. From now on, I'll refrain from posting any photos of any SL Model that has this kind of attitude. Yes, I will not 'publicize' ladies that believe that winning SL Beauty Pageants or a few SL Photo Contests, will suddenly 'transform' them into 'Queens of Absolutely Nothing'.

Popularity is not the same as being a good professional in whatever we do. Beauty Pageants do not make a good SL Model. There has been a great misunderstanding regarding this in SL.

Again, popularity is like respect. Must be earned.
Most of the best SL Models I have seen on the runway are absolutely discrete about their activities. They just walk the runway with style and elegance. And that is something you just have or you don't.
Elegance and style include personality, even in a metaverse world such as SL.

By the way, I was paying attention to Modavia Autumn Casting. I'll post here the names of the chosen SL Models soon.


arialee miles said...

I agree perfectly that contests and pageant doesn't make a good professional model . Only hard work , attending school ( and confronting oneself with several modeling styles and of teaching ) does . But I feel I have to spend a word in partial explication (not defence cause nobody needs defence ) about why a model feels the need to attend those beauty pageants .
I think it is the very same fashion show system of second life which pushes beginning ( and not so beginning ) models to join pageant because , we can like or not the word popularity , is a matter of fact that with a fierce concurrence like in female modeling of SL only who makes her name "turn around" has a little hope to work.
In a year of modeling , I have performed in about 50 fashion shows working both with great designers and starting ones although not much in "fancy agencies " but in a out of the chorus organization , I train and I teach in a newborn school , I attended 3 schools so far and I am graduating to a fourth, in addition I am in waiting list for a 5 °one I plan to complete within summer . That said I dont consider myself special but for sure prepared , professional and experienced and yet when I try to break that invisible wall which divides the so called "SL fashion show gotha" from the rest of the model agencies I found only closed doors . For sure it is me who have something not working right about what is needed to be a top model , and i am working on it , but on the other side I saw people for sure not better than me go ahead in name of ( I dont question if deserved or not, is not my job ! ) a someway acquired popularity absolutely not pertaining to the professionality in modelling.
So in a year I have developed a clear idea about what is needed to work in determined circles .
And I am sure this reply of mine won't help my popularity degree , but is my nature to talk when I have something to say !! LOL
Mind you I said I have understood what is needed "to work" not "to be a good model" because I agree in fully popularity acquired with pageants doesn't make a good professional .Although it makes a required and called model LOL

So don't be so harsh towards models who try their way through pageants as well because you will agree with me the awareness to be a good professional with all the credential in place when nobody calls you is a very poor comfort.
So I would underline that this misunderstood equation pageants _good models is not something to attribute to us models but to the way the fashion world works in SL.
I apologize for my surreal use of the english language, but it is not my first language .
Thanks for reading me so far
Best regards
Arialee Miles

Fifth Avenue said...

Tks for your comment Arialee. You have been correct, talked about you in the first person, without pointing fingers, not even at my own critiques, nor defending yourself. I'm looking forward to read more comments like yours. I don't really need my Blog to become another 'Agency Report'. This is my space, where I write about what I see, what I think and really appreciate your comment!
I sure do know lots of 'private situations' going on among the Modeling World in SL.

Arialee, keep going if you really love SL Fashion. I will continue to watch and write about it, even not being a SL Model myself.

Your comment was much appreciated.

Kat said...

I myself would also like to leave a comment regarding the kind of posts that are put into Fashion Critique.

I was criticized by the Fashion Critique back in November for my profile. Let me remind everyone of what was posted:

"Katherine's profile
This is what I call a "diva type" of profile. There are so many in SL!Crowded with awards and contests won and a small reference to her Model training. No matter how many contests a Model has won, that is NOT a reason to hire her. Training is, winning contests is NOT. Katherine is one of the SL Models that tells every potential client or Model Agency that her "resume is available by request". SL Fashion World has a new Diva!"

I have attended some excellent academies...received one on one training and work with some of the most prestigious modeling agencies in SL.

Having said that...what I have learned from the modeling academies I have attended...I was told by more than one school to put "Resume available upon request." How else is someone to know if you have even put the effort into putting a resume together?

I was also told it was good to put accomplishments into ones designers or photographers who might be interested in a a model, wouldn't have to contact he/she directly if they just wanted a quick look to see if they were worth the time it can take with all the time zones and online times.

You yourself have said you are not an SL model. If that is truly the case...then before you post about someones profile, I suggest you attend some modeling academies to learn what a model is taught and trained to do in SL.

Bringing on another subject that you have posted in the past about models in general and how they may appear to you and what you are seeing on your screen.

You have taken many pictures of models on the runway..where you know lag is an issue. Many are ruthed and their prims don't fit correctly. I suggest you upgrade your computer or have someone else take the photo's for you. Being I was at some of the shows you have discussed...I did not see what you saw.

Another thing you may not be aware of...sometimes what we wear is beyond our control. We are asked many times to wear skins, hair, clothes, shoes, glasses, hats, and many other things from designers. We can only make them look so good and there are times when we can't control the fact the set designer has used alpha textures on the runway...which causes our shoes to lose their textures as well. This also includes any prim we are asked to wear, which would indeed mean hair and skirts.

We change our shapes as asked by the designer or the agency owner to fit the garment given. Same thing goes for poses. There are times I have not agreed with a pose...but was asked to use it regardless of what I thought.

You make may good points about a lot of things...this last post about the Winter Fashion Week...I appreciate you not criticizing the shows in 22 shows with 22 designers in 9 days were put together in 4 days. The agency owner who started the process decided she would just drop out of SL for a week and not let anyone know, so we (several models, myself included) picked up the ball and did the best we could. Not only did we get in touch with all 22 designers, we got well known sponsors as well.

Most models didn't get their clothes until a day before the show and were in multiple shows. Again, thank you for the feedback on that particular venue.

Thank you for the time you take to blog about SL fashion shows. Some of the things you say are a real wake up call and are viewed by me as criticism that I have and continue to learn from.

Live for Today!

Fifth Avenue said...

tks Kat for your comment!

Opening comments here has been a wake up call for me. I get several kinds of comments, as you all may imagine and the gut feeling I got from some SL Models was proven right. Not your case, Kat, you were polite in your comment, even though my words are harsh sometimes.

I went through my blog again, to see your photos? I wrote about some profiles and yours in there. I see what you mean.

Let me explain why I write the texts I write. First I keep coming back to RL and eventually compare with SL Fashion Shows and SL Models.
It cannot be compared, I guess.
In RL, a Model actually visits every Agency they can think of and leave their Books or Portfolios there. It's a chance to be casted and actually be represented by that Agency.
I was astonished when I saw that in SL, some SL Models profiled that, as you did. Maybe that is correct for some SL Model Agencies, however place yourself in a Model Agency CEO position, or even a photographer in SL.

Would you go around SL, checking everybody's profile to see who's a Model and who is not? I wouldn't.

I'm guessing that the Model Academy (or Academies)that taught you that, didn't give you a good advice. I would advise to actually send the SL Model Resume to the Agencies that you would like to be represented by.

But, as I said, this is just my opinion. I think it's rather wise and professional, in this case.

(The contests and Pageants in SL? oh I'll always disregard those. It really upsets me, how far away they are from RL Fashion Industry!!)

But then, again, this is SL, so anything may happen. I do not support contests won or beauty pageants.

And thank you, because now I'm aware of ruthed avatars. No need to upgrade my graphics card or ask somebody to photograph for me. I'm aware of that now.

About the clothes SL Models wear in Fashion Shows, I really appreciate if you all could tell me it was the designers's choice of shoes or skins, whenever I make a comment about that. Sometimes it's the designers call, other times, it's not. It would help other SL Models as well if the SL Model actually mentioned it here. It'd be ok.

I really appreciated your comment.

Kat said...

Thank you for the feedback 5th Avenue! Was nice to finally be able to comment on some of the things written in the blog.

Let me clarify what I believe you may be misunderstanding about models in SL.

When a model says, "Resume available upon request," they have spoken with all the agencies and are in touch with photographers thru the agencies or whatever means we use to be seen. However, the reason in my opinion to put "resume available upon request," is so when others view the profile, and don't know about agencies or how to contact a model but would like a show or just to know about what one has done, they can ask for that notecard.

I have never been asked for my resume by some random avatar, usually only from the agencies I work with for their clients to receive when choosing models for particular assignments.

I think you may realize now that to compare RL to SL models is like trying to compare an apple to the sun. Yes they are both round (kinda), but the sun is really hot and apples are sweet and delicious.

We have so many limitations as models in SL compared to RL... so really...until we can actually walk in our avatars shoes in SL (I mean literally), we do the best we can with what we have to work with.

As far as the alpha issue again...because of the new ways that shoes are being made with the alpha prim to make the avatar feet invisible so the "foot/toe" shoes can be used, that is what I was referring to.

On a runway...a set designer may have chosen to use moving water for the model to walk on...great affect, not so good when you put 2 alpha's together...makes your feet disappear! I originally brought that up because you mentioned it the very first time I modeled in a big show back in July.

I was in a show that required me to wear those particular type sandals from the designer, which made my feet disappear on the runway. At the time I had no way to defend why I was wearing the shoes I was. I don't normally wear shoes with the color changing toes and feet on the runway for just the reason you mentioned and because everyone sees the models feet as a different color because of their viewer settings.

I appreciate the time you take to write your blogs and visit the fashion shows you do...but mostly...I truly applaud the fact you have opened your blog for comments.

Live for today!

sparkie funizza said...

hmm what makes a 'popular' model, and what exactly is the definition of 'popular' LOL (I think we all think something different on that one)

I don't enter competitions often, I rarely get to walk in a fashion show these days as too busy, and even when I go to a casting call I'm never picked!!!! So I wouldn't call myself popular.


Wherever I go I'm known, I seem to be respected (at least by noobs) students want me to teach them and I was even described as 'one of SL's ELITE models' in a recent magazine article. Not that I agree with that quote but who am I to argue!! LOL

So for me I'd guess that popularity boils down to your attitude, approachability, supportive nature and professionalism.

arialee miles said...

Sorry for a so late reply but I didnt log here till now .
I am happy I was able to propely express mt thought without misunderstandings about my intentions.
Ty for your encouragement words Fifth , I for sure won't give up and I am sure soon or later I will succeed . And as you suggest I want do it with my face ,my look , with my style and with my professional skills acquired with good schools , good trainings , practice and hard work on myself not for "external reasons not pertaining to work professionality".
That said I will continue to study but occasionally I will continue also to make contests , both for the reasons I expressed in my first reply and because some of them are really great fun.
Notwithstanding I agree with you that they should not be in the model professional resume page of the profile but eventually have a separate pick in it and I am changing my profile accordingly.

Besides about the utility to make contests I think we can take ( sometimes we have even to steal them ) every occasion to learn , improve and try to do best next time; and contsts on this side , specially when the jury behave and judge with objectivity sometimes luckily helping with constructive feedbacks , are a special source of growth and a precious occasion about developing a crtique eyes about ourselves and the building of a kind of self awareness about our points of weakness that en external eye can help us to focuse.

That said I will continue to read you with extreme interest because for what I have read so far, although with some inevitable difference of opinion about some of the models and shows under your lens , I share a great deal of your vision about the SL fashion exigence to keep itself as much close to real as possible .
Hope to read more soon .
Best regards
Arialee Miles

xoxo, Tra said...

Hiya 5th to your blog and had to stop at this article about Popularity. I am in 100% agreeance and have the same belief that a good model is one who is versitile and professional, knows when to keep their mouth shut and is able to make the designer shine.

Popularity and Respect is not deserved but is earned - which doesn't come overnight. I always welcome constructive critism because I want to succeed and gain respect from my peers, not walk over them to achieve my goal!!

Beauty Queens come and go, models come and go. A "popular" model is always saught after and well respected and with that.. hats off. Someday I would like to be in that catagory.. until I will work my ass off.

xoxo, Tra

Fifth Avenue said...

Hello TraLove, your words are wise. I remember seeing you on SL runways; unfortunately, usually because of lag issues, I'm not always able to photograph all the time. My photos are raw, no 'special effects', no editting.

Your comment shows the exact feeling I have when I look at SL catwalks: I want to see work, work, work. And we can tell, believe me, who is a working SL Model, striving to be better and better, and those who live and work, out of popularity (not exactly good SL Models, not even 'top').

Keep up the good work! SL Models that have your attitude will go far. Others will fade away, some of them already did.