Fashion Critique SL Continues

My blog will continue until I decide to stop posting, as long as I follow Blogger's rules and T.O.S!

This is my own choice, since I do NOT allow anyone to threaten me! Let's make it clear!

I want you all to know that after my last post, I have received a threat that 'someone' has reported this blog to Blogger, being 'harmful and anonymous'.

I want you all to know this, I have the comment with the threat, but I won't publish it. By the way, the comment was left also anonymously (with a Blogger account that leads to nowhere) - so, I guess I'm not the only one anonymous, clearly!

Come on, please!! We all know Agency Report website, where I personally commented twice and someone soon started using my blog's name to instigate drama and insult other people!

The reason I'm posting this, is to inform all SL Fashion community that nobody can upset 'certain people' in SL, without severe consequences! Or so they think!

No matter how controverse my posts can be to some people, I really hope that SL Models do appreciate my comments on runway poses and editting attachments.

Please, take into consideration that this blog is non commercial (as you all can see I don't have any ads here), so I'm not after money - go figure! Nor popularity, for that matter!

Also consider that this blog does not spam. Everybody can read it or not - it's your own choice!
In no occasion have I ever used foul language, insulted anyone or instigated any kind of violence!

This is very explicit in Blogger T.O.S., namely in the content part. If you want to, you all may read Blogger TOS yourselves.

If someone wants to threaten me, be my guest! I'll just sit back, eat my popcorn and enjoy the show!

As a reminder, again I state - I only write my opinion here and in no other website. Comments here are welcome and moderated by me. I only have one condition - be polite!

And that's all ;)
See ya'll on my next post, folks!


J. B. said...

Dear Fashion Critique:

I understand the point you are trying to make but why do it in a harsh and derogatory manner. Why bashed models by posting their picture and making derogatory remarks that you know could ruin their image and career? Some of these pictures especially from the older posts shows some 'ruthed' models which are not the fault of the models but your own viewer or graphics card. You should remove those pictures that clearly shows not the fault of the models if you want some respect from your readers. Just my point of view. Thank You.

Unknown said...

I follow your blog and have already drawn a lot of useful tips from it. If you stick out of the whole controversy and personal attacks, one can learn from constructive criticism very much. Even more than by not seriously intentioned flattery.

Furthermore, I do not care if someone writes anonymously or with name ID. I write anonymously, as I will not be given any grave fighting.

There is much truth in your articles, so your blog will probably read so often. I am a model in SL and share many of your opinions. I look forward to your next article.

Fifth Avenue said...

Your comments are appreciated, JB and Nina. It's ok they may be anonymous; I do understand the need for privacy; both of you were clear and polite in your comments and that can be a plus to all SL Fashion community.

I'd like to stay, not necessarily in my defense, that I do not believe any of my posts may ruin a SL Model carrer, especially when you see here the photo of a clearly ruthed avatar.

The ruthed avatar issue (and poor graphic cards) has been discussed here. What we cannot miss, however, is the fact that, even 'ruthed', we can see the avatar's poses and that has been my whole point from the beginning. The choice of good poses for runway SL shows!

I've learned a lot myself by opening comments and reading you all, I do appreciate that very much!

Nina, your comment made me realize, once more, that this blog can be an excellent tool for SL Models - when read correctly, without misinterpretation of my words as being harmful to this or that person. It can cause controversy, once we are dealing with opinions and they vary - a lot!

We can pick up a RL newspaper and read, let's say, the movies' critiques. We may agree with the critique or not. We read it , agree or not agree. It's an opinion. I don't think a single critique would ruin a movie, actor or director, for that matter.

I write about what I see. My opinion of it. To be clearer to all of you, I have to show things, images, photos, not just an innuendo of 'hear say'. I will not, however, violate SL TOS or Blogger TOS!

Thank you both.

Unknown said...

BOSL Executives have no wish for this post about Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy to be removed, the blog to be removed or reported.
We are grateful for the review of the Academy.

Fifth Avenue said...

Appreciated Barbarella.
I may remind, though, that my opinion was about the diploma itself.

I cannot speak about how a SL Model Academy works.

I can say though - my personal opinion - that no Academy Diploma should ever highly recommend a trainee to work in any other SL Model Agency.

The Academy itself (whichever it is) is the name, the brand. The Diploma is the document that officially states that that particular person was trained there.

Again, that is my opinion.
Thank you for your statement Barbarella.