Good SL Model Training

I 've been to several SL Fashion Shows, some of them were SL Academy graduations. Next post is about one of them.
I felt the need to address to this one in particular, because of the low standards of quality, in my opinion.

SL Model Academies can be 'good' or 'bad'; by this, I mean have quality in the training or no quality at all.

Quality SL Model training would be, in my opinion:

* Prepare a SL Model to what's coming up for him/her (in every way possible, from the difficulties of finding a good and steady job; to the money that needs to be spent by a model trainee and a SL Model; to shaping and editting attachments - runway poise - the most important for me - and a huge number of topics could go on here. )

* When it comes to poses, and runway poise, it worries me a lot. While some SL Models have clearly improved, others seem to be stuck in what I call 'the latest trends' : animated looped poses that are new; obviously, in SL this happens all the time. New designers, new styles, new poses. And this is great!

* If new poses are available in SL, the Model should practice them. Not only use them because they are new. Use them with quality on the runway. There are some animated looped poses that have been launched a couple of months ago in SL that are being used on the runways not in the best way. They can be used, of course. But well combined with other poses, to make all movements smooth.

* Right now, SL Models must be thinking - what do you mean 'smooth'? sometimes, in a huge lag fog, how can we make the moves smooth?
I know it's not easy. But, just a hint? During a SL Fashion Show, don't use model huds or aos. Never, ever. If your Model Trainer tells you to use model huds or aos during a fashion show, you have two choices: try using a model hud once in a show and next show try not to use it and see for yourself what works best.
Again, you may now be asking yourself - if I don't use a model hud or some kind of ao on the runway, what do I use?
Why not trying to use your poses manually? Nothing like trying it, right?

You'll see what I mean in my next post - I watched a SL Academy graduation show and these issues can be clearly seen.

Coming up - next!

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