Model Competitions in SL - Model's attitude

There are continuous contests for SL Models. Ultimately, everybody gains from them: some designers expand their brand; SL Models want their name known; SL photographers have their names out there too.

In my opinion, regarding competitions or contests, the contestants must be psychologically prepared for everything, especially prepared NOT TO win. There will be a winner, if it's you, good; if it's not you good, too.

That's why we are in the adult grid in SL. People are supposed to be more mature. Winning and losing are part of life.

Recently, I was informed of a situation with a SL Model who doesn't react well to not winning. I usually tell the Models' names, so I'm going to do it. I was lucky to see this Model's Flickr page the exact day when the winners of the competition were announced. It's a very good example of what NOT TO do, in Model competitions.

I have followed this lady's modeling career and then I stopped doing it, because of the ammount of situations I was informed about this person's attitude. And attitude matters, even in SL!

I'm talking about blackLiquid Tokyoska.
With an amazing avatar, this SL Model has been everywhere in SL Fashion: designers' stores, Model's competitions; photo contests; fashion shows, etc.

There are pros and cons about having a very distinctive avatar. Obviously, one of the pros is being distinctive, hence unique. Recognizable even without looking at her name. This is very important for every SL Model. Only a few have managed to have this kind of uniqueness.

A big con is that if we find the same avatar in many places, we soon get tired of it, hence the importance of changing and developing, always.

blackLiquid is one of these cases. She is one of the finalists for MVW - meaning she is finalist in a beauty pageant (beauty and style are to be considered here).
But to be a SL Model is different and modeling competitions are different from MVW.

Different in its essence. To be a finalist in a beauty pageant is all about beauty, a model's competition is about a lot of things, not based on a simple walk.
If the contest is well done, there should be several steps in the competition casting: first, a pannel of judges; then, have the judges relate to the Model, ask questions, see what she says and how she says things; another step could be styling up according to the some rules. All these may take some time, not exactly taking place in the same day.

Another thing to consider in Model's Competitions is that if a pannel of judges is present, the final results may not seem fair to all. Opinions vary, a lot! Everybody in the audience may have a favourite model, wether because he/she is a friend or if we love the styling, etc, several reasons to have a favourite. But the judges have the final word. Period!

blackLiquid joined a Model competition and didn't win. She was not in the first three. Immediately after the results, with all candidates on the catwalk, she left the stage. SL allows us to teleport, so people may 'vanish' , just like that. If this was RL, we would see a candidate walk and physically leave.

This is a terrible thing for a Model to do! If the person in question doesn't have the necessary respect for that pannel of judges, why join in the first place?
After not winning this competition, in the exact same day, blackLiquid posted a text in her Flickr account, trashing the contest, contesting the winner.

Here is the living proof of what a SL Model should NEVER do!!

blackLiquid quickly updated this text. I was lucky to to see it the day it was posted, about a week ago.

Why did she change the text of this photo?
Maybe because, in the day I saw it, there was a comment made by one of MVW organization members, carefully telling her that winning or losing is part of business(in other words). Is it possible that blackLiquid was afraid she would be out of MVW pageant with this kind of attitude? Who knows? But I can tell you, something happened here!

It's very obvious that to have a gorgeous avatar and to actually be a greceful person may not go hand in hand!
I'll be honest with you! I'd never ever hire such a Model, if I owned a SL Model Agency!

The truth is, blackLiquid may have a great avatar, but let's face it, so do many SL Models! In the end, what really counts is the ability to adapt to all circumstances, to be professional and humble, accept winning or losing with poise and grace. SL Models that are still outstanding have a positive attitude towards their career and most of all, they relate to other people with a kind manner.

I was already aware that some people in SL Modeling Industry already consider blackLiquid to be 'difficult' in terms of relashionship. This was the last drop.

All SL Models should look at this as a thing NOT TO do. She may have finished her Modeling career in SL. The best SL Model Agencies may not want to work with a person with such a personality.

What I have shown you is a fact! I'm not lying or making this up! This happened, proven here. Maybe blackLiquid made a mistake. It's a lesson not to act impetuously in the future. Every Model should learn from this.


E said...

So, aside from Blackliquid being human and succumbing to her urge to vent - which she promptly edited later - your took it upon yourself to deliberately snapshoot 'proof' in order to later be a quacking cunt who writes an entire page claiming it bares some sort of witness of who this person is based on something so insignificant as this. Blackliquid is one of the best and most dedicated models on the grid and you would have portrayed a way more graceful picture of yourself had you had common decency to simple stay out of this because it essentially isn't your personal business, and it is not even news of any sort.

Fifth Avenue said...

Appreciated for your comment, Eshi. I decided to allow it even though you lower yourself with some foul language I don't like to see here. But then, again, we can't hide who we really are, can we? This is who you are!

Now, to answer you, this is what I mean about we all having different opinions, because of our personal relationship with the person in question.

It's public, stated in her profile, that blackLiquid is your 'muse'. I understand why you may question my post.

Let me put it like this, Eshi. How can you say that blackLiquid is one of the 'best and most dedicated models' on the grid????

On the grid??? How important do you think you are to know ALL SL Models' dedication, what they go through on a daily bases, how they all act, what they all do, how they all look like, to make such a statement? Or does that come from your emotional part - you two are friend. Period.

Besides, dedication is great for a SL Model, but attitude is what matters, in the end.

If this attitude from blackLiquid is not news, why do you even bother to comment here? It's not news. Period! Forget it and move on your life!

I don't think that this particular post will have any influence whatsoever in her career. I stated my opinion, as I always do. If I were a Model Agency owner - I repeat!! - I wouldn't hire her. Because character matters!But that'me and only me. Everybody has a mind of their own to think, agree or disagree with me.

blackLiquid is human. Aren't we all? We have the choice to make our own decisions. Make mistakes is in our human nature. Have our own opinions. Act under pressure this or that way.

This was NOT the only situation when blackliquid has acted up. I'm aware of many others and I didn't say a word. I can't share other situations because I would be violating SL TOS. If this were one situation per se, as you say, we're all human. It'd be a mistake. We all make them.

THIS was the last drop for me.

Move on Eshi. You have your own life to take care of.

Pineapple in a Haystack. said...


Well I can understand why she reacte dthe way she did. BUT Not why she'd perhaps jeopardize her career or reputation with a negative attitude like this.

As a new model on the Grid I misse dout on casting for a show. And I wa spissed sure, but i didn't trash it. I fugured "hey i'll get formal training, and be a better model." So I am in the process of that right now. A contest is a contest. This has verrrrrryyyyyy little bearing on RL which is what should REALLY matter to most people. We're here for fun and network. We're not here to be the best. You want to be the best...go to WoW or play an FPS or a single player RPG.

Sure you can try to be the best you possibly can, but not everyone will do well all the time...people HAVE to realize this.