The Art of Posing in SL and other things

I do pay much attention to poses in SL Modeling.
There is a great difference between RL and SL in this aspect: Models in SL really have this handicap - they need to have poses to use on the runway.

Obviously, in RL, what they have to do is use their own body.
And that is really an art, even in RL.
No matter how controversial it may be, American's Next Top Model with Tyra Banks is a great example of this. Ladies from all over the country try their best to win. And what do we see? Many of them with gorgeous faces, beautiful bodies, they simply don't manage to win the competition.

Since it's a reality show, we get to see what happens with those ladies when they are in the house, the relationship they create with their room mates.

Some of them, really don't get it!! And yes, it's also a matter of character, personality.

But when they have photoshoots, so many things become clearer. How they place their bodies, their facial expressions, hands, legs, everything counts. It's really amazing how we can see the strength of character by looking at a photo frame.

In SL, even if this sounds strange or weird, somehow the audience really gets the same feelings. The SL Model character shines through. That's why I firmly believe that not all beautiful faces should be Models in SL.

To win a beauty pageant is one thing, to be a Model is another - I can say for sure, completely different.

Let's see things from this perspective: if we take away the personal relationships people may have with this or that SL Model, just look, observe; there are some SL Models that simply stand out!

Again, this is a matter of opinion, hence the controversy. I like to watch fashion shows with Models that, once they strut that runway, people can't take their eyes off of her/him. The Model stands out!

And posing has a lot to do with that!
Shape and skin, also.
Having a good pc too.

It's absolutely important that SL Model Agencies keep looking for the best Models. And I don't mean the 'Diva like Model'. I mean, maybe a Model that could have been unknown and sudenly has been growing up, developping, becoming a good professional. And keep being demanding. Insist on that.

Insist on good poise on the runway. Insist on walking straight. Insist on demanding professionalism. In my opinion, regarding this topic, SL Model Agencies should be extremely demanding, because the Agency represent their Models. The best the Model is, the best the Agency is.

Another aspect of a SL Model's personality is to be humble, always. Listen to what you are told and be humble.

Be humble in contests, in pageants.
The Model's attitude towards this, says a lot about the person herself/himself.

Lately, there has been a growing number of contests in SL Modeling. But if we pay attention, the best models have steady jobs - without even entering a contest. They don't need to join contests to be hired, to be selected in castings. It's a matter of attitude.

And let me tell you, there are always 'diva kind of' Models. Always.

If SL Models accept my advices, here they are:

- be humble, always. The best SL Model Agencies will not accept arrogance, disguised in several forms.

- be updated, always. Not only go shopping, but also go and find new designers, tiny shops that have great items and are simply unknown - up to the moment when any 'famous' Model finds them.

- analize your pc behaviour in laggy situations; if your pc can't keep up with lag, you have two choices: quit being a SL Model or get yourself a better pc.

- prepare, prepare, prepare; don't go to a Fashion Show without testing the clothes and a dozen (or more) poses.

- I said this before: forget about Model AOs or Model huddles on the runway. Use manual poses. They won't fail in extremely laggy situations. Models may practice with huddles at home or even practicing with your fellow Models for a show. That is one thing. When you get to the show itself, lag will be huge, that huddles won't work, won't attach, whatever. Use manual poses. And this is a lot of work , isn't it? Chosing different poses - let's say 6 or 7 poses per outfit - it's not easy. It takes hard work. Because in the end, for just one Fashion Show, you may have to select, around 21 poses or so.

That's why it's an art: all the work the goes behind a Fashion Show, sometimes clothes being delivered just 10 minutes before it starts and have poses ready for it? Not easy work. But it has to be done! That's why some SL Model succeed and others don't.

It all comes to one thing: Modeling in SL can be professional or can simply be a comfort zone. And believe me, one or the other are clearly shown on the runway, once the Model steps on it!


Rouge said...

I appreciate your preference for manual poses on the runway but even that won't always save you in an extremely laggy situation. Beyond that, there is normally a little down time between stopping a pose and being able to walk again (which would still at a minimum require a walk overrider if a model did completely abandon a hud or AO and doesn't do much in the way of preventing lag). Not to mention having that many poses up would occupy a fair amount of screen that you need to get to where you want to go. The show I completed yesterday had 5 stops, 2 poses each times 5 outfits. Yes it's hard to find that many poses but it would have been god awful difficult to pull that off manually and still stay within a reasonable walk time.

I do agree with a lot of the other things you say about model behavior however but that has to be balanced with a lot of other things. The best models do keep working though and that's all that matters.

Fifth Avenue said...

Appreciated for your comment Rouge. And you do have very good points here. That's why I always advise taking a good Model Academy's classes.

In between the manual poses, or in between a pose and a walk there is something else all SL Models should use (not a hud, nor a walk overrider). I'm considering creating another blog, an informative one, to all SL Models, with suggestions and advices, because the issues you approach here are extremely pertinent.

All Models should really know how to deal with these issues: the always existent lag (it does require a good pc); SL proeficiency (being able to lower the settings, sometimes almost to the point when the model doesn't see much more than the runway itself, but it does reduce lag significantly); how to deal emotionally with situations that are fast and many things happening at the same time; all these issues should be approached in a SL Model's education.

Unfortunately, good SL Model Academies are expensive.

Regarding the show you had, 5 stops with 2 poses - 5 outfits, well, that's really overwhelming.

Sometimes, the fashion show producers or the Model Agencies could have a different approach: think more of a RL Fashion Show - a simple walk, no need to pose 5 times, unless you are doing double or triple walks. With 3 Models on the runway, 5 stops would be justifiable, but if you were doing a simple walk, that's too much, in my opinion.

But let me consider the possibility of creating another blog, more informative, with suggestions and poses. I'll create an avie inworld for this.

Your comment was much appreciated Rouge!

Rouge said...

They were all double and triple walks lol and it was a pretty simple walk just lots of stops. Good luck with the informative blog.