Fashion Weeks in RL

It's always interesting to keep up to date with RL Fashion. From Milan to Paris - where Fashion week is going on as I type.

Just take a look - as an example at Trussardi's show at Milan, last week.

Or Dolce & Gabbana's

There is no particular highlight of red color. So, what I've heard in SL, from some self nominated 'fashion experts', red is not particularly trendy. Especially if we think that fashion is always two seasons ahead.

What actresses wear at some ceremonies - like the Emmys - is one thing. Another, completely different, is the work done by designers, as part of their creations, that are being showcased at this precise moment in the best European cities. Red is included in the collections and so are other colors, with a clear tendence to flowery patters; black is also trendy for 2012 Spring/Summer Collections, as you can see. Nude colors are some of the favorites, too.

Paris is now on it's fashion week.

Yesterday, September 28th, was Gareth Pugh's Show. Worth to watch!

Fashion experts in SL are just a few.
All of those involved in the fashion industry in SL should really take a good look at RL fashion and how it's going. Probably if some 'experts' did this, they wouldn't try to start their own color fashion trends, based on--- the Emmy's Awards (????!!!).

Let's see who in SL will follow the 'red trend' that, simply came from an egomaniac mind, that likes to watch actresses on the screen, instead of real models and fashion shows.

As usual, I'll be around ;)


Carilynn OHare said...

I do not often comment on blogs of this nature, but felt compelled to do so here. Honestly, the very first thing I noticed as I scrolled down under the first two video links you have here (with two models wearing red) is the statement "This is no particular highlight of red color."

I believe the Fashion Expert to whom you referred to (by the way, he never referred to himself as a Fashion Expert; he was approached by Linden Labs to be a part of "Fashion Expert Days" and they obviously thought he must have some experience and knowledge in the genre) made the statement that Red is THIS SEASON's color, not the in-trend color for Spring 2012. Here is a link to the color trends for Spring / Summer 2011:

One final observation: The very designers that you are showing here -- Dolce & Gabbana, Trussardi, etc. are designers who in fact create what we see on the RED Carpets around the world! Professional actresses who appear at the Emmys, Oscars, Tonys, Grammys, etc. do not purchase their gowns off a rack; they are sought out by these very designers to wear their creations.

Before you criticize someone, I believe you should do your homework.

Fifth Avenue said...

Appreciated for your comment Carilyn, and for letting us know of this url that is really useful for us , fashion lovers.

The front image of the YouTube videos are models wearing red tones. I believe you should do the homework, as well, and see the entire videos. Red is used, especially darker reds or mixed with more flowery patterns.

We are living 2011. But if you also do your homework, you know, everybody connected to fashion knows, that we are always two seasons ahead. We are now in autumn and of course red is used, but it's not the dominant color. Warm tones in general are but not red in particular. Even the url you so kindly pasted here refers to summer 2011; in fashion, that's already past. Also coral isn't exactly red, as you know.

Another note, now that we are in 'teaching mode'; actresses aren't usually sought by designers. Most of them have professional stylists, whose job is to find the best gowns for such an event. Stylists create their looks for that night. Yes, it's true that red was the color chosen by most of the actresses' stylists. However, according to fashion critiques around the world, one of the actresses that was considered best styled was Claire Danes, and she wore a nude toned and simple gown.

One thing is what the the masses see - a clear choice of red; another thing is what fashionistas look at. And that is detail and uniqueness. In the crowd of red gowns (the followers), one actress managed to shine, in nude. This is what fashion is about. Not to be a follower, but to be a leader.

RED carpet events happen all around the world, for decades now and in several events, as you know. This is not a reason why people should wear RED, nor is the fact that someone tells us to.

The best of fashion is that each person should think for herself/himself. Not to follow, but to lead.

Appreciated for your comment in a 'blog of this nature' ;) SL Fashion and Modeling oriented.