Another Fashion Show - new 'models', same mistakes

I've been following fashion shows for years;  some of them , I managed to record in real time. They were too long and boring;  recording the shows in real time showed exactly that.

I managed to record another fashion show recently. It wasn't as long as they used to be,  but still you'll see how models take a long time to pose.
That is needed, you may say.  There are other models trying to put their outfits on,  there is lag, the model that is on the runway needs to wait, for the next model to be ready to come out.  So far, so good.

What I noticed in this particular fashion show,  was that the model that was on the runway, posing for quite a substantial period of time, would just stand there, using the same pose. You'll see what I mean.

Since I remember,  it's painful to watch the way so many models walk and pose in SL©.  Showing the movements live may help new models to understand that the way the audience sees the show.

Long time posing can be necessary.  Why keep the same pose and just stand there?
I noticed these were inexperienced models in this show, as opposed to more experienced and trained ones,  who know how many poses they need,  to keep the audience pleased and nor bored.

The video is self explanatory and I wrote my comments in it.
The quality of the video edition isn't very good, although enough for everybody to see what I mean.

I won't tell who the models are, nor which 'agency' this is.  If you haven't been in the audience that day, it'll be interesting to see if there are any 'recognizable' faces.

If not, right there, these models failed to do their jobs. Any avatar in SL© can look pretty. It's just a matter of spending some bucks in a nice shape and good skin, good hair, etc. Anybody can do that!  However, I expect so much more from a model in SL©.
Some shapes were quite bad;  poses, well, some were nice, others were really bad and seeing some of those models on the runway clearly wearing their AOs,  only shows what I have been saying for years. These 'model' avatars need training, training, training.  I researched a little about this group of people, including some 'models' in this show and it seems they TEACH models themselves (!!!).
Moving on.

A fashion show is exactly that- it's about fashion.

Some may agree, some may not about what I'm going to say next; I'm not writing about designers, however to keep the 'fashion' always present, I expect to see a show that blows me away, in terms of great SL© Models, the outfits they wear [it's about fashion, therefore, something new that we haven't seen before]  and not a presentation of dresses and gowns made of flexiprims.  That's completely outdated, even in SL©.  I do, however, understand that if a designer pays, his/her items need to be presented. The best way possible, obviously.

Anyway, here is the 'fashion' show. Besides some editing, it keeps the duration of the event, once it started on the runway. Excuse my terrible machinima skills.
Some of my comments are written along the movie.

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