How NOT to be a 'supermodel' in SL©

I was appalled by a 'fashion show' I watched last month.

That was a huge big thing, excuse my repetition.  It was a show with 'supermodels'(!!!)
Guess what?

Full of mistakes an avatar that is a model in SL© CANNOT do,  even less if these avatars wear a 'supermodel' tag over their (many of them) regular heads.

A 'supermodel' cannot be regular.
A 'supermodel' cannot make ANY mistake that depends on  her/him. NONE.

I found an environment that was 'famous people' friendly.  The place was packed to watch a bunch of names.  Yes, names.  All those people couldn't be there for the quality of the models,  you'll see what I mean in the video I recorded. Besides some editting I did, you can watch it close to the real time of the whole thing [it took more than an hour].

The question remains: why was the place so packed?  The 'new generation' of 'supermodels' was going to walk in this show.  Simple, anytime you want, create your group, create the supermodel, ubermodel, crackamodel, whatevermodel  tag and  that's it.

From severe posing mistakes that I simply cannot accept a 'supermodel' would do, they did.
From the disorganization of the whole set, which allowed several new avatars
(noobs, yes) to actually get closer to the models.
From the length of the show - it was too long and boring.
From the regular avatars that nobody knows who they are, without seeing their names - I mean regular 'beauty avatars'.
Everything screamed 'popular people' not 'quality models'.  Is this the new generation of supermodels?
This exact same thing keeps repeating itself, I've seen this happen since I started blogging. It was exactly for this reason that I started this blog, years ago.

There were so many mistakes on the runways all over SL©, that the so called 'supermodels' even back in 2009, 2010, needed a wake up call.

Life repeats itself.  Even the Second.

Avatars with regular faces, posing insanely with formal gowns,  pose repetition,  old walks that are really so old, that they shouldn't be used currently, posing with hands inside prims (!!!); their hands moving through their body structure [as if this were even possible for real, our hands don't go through the flesh and bones!].

I insist, these were 'supermodels'.  The only 'male' model in the show, walked three times with the exact same walk; the irony of all this? His hands were always inside prims with this walk and this male 'supermodel' repeated the walk, every single time he went out to the stage! Why did he do this? Lazyness? Why do people even cheered all this? Because they are all popular names out there.

I really wanted to show all new models out there what NOT to do.  These aren't 'supermodels'.  This was just a bunch of people that got together, put up what they think a fashion show is and that's it!

If you don't fall asleep before the end of the video,  try to watch it. My comments are there.
It was just insane to watch this.  Insane and extremely sad to think that someone - new models perhaps? -may actually look at these avatars and consider them 'supermodels' and applaud them. Sad, sad, sad!

There were exceptions, though.  At least three female models did well - under the category of the 'supermodel' thing.
But the rest? They were lazy in finding good poses, the male model was lazy to find  [at least] one walk that would have his hand off the jacket or the shirt.

Mistakes a regular model shouldn't do were done , repeatedly.  Here's is the answer, right here, these were regular models.  Don't look at the tag, look at their behavior, their posing, their walking.

Years of watching 'fashion shows' in SL© and the same thing keeps happening, year after year; people cheer the names that are in the show, and among  them all, maybe two or three models stood out in terms of quality [they too made some minor mistakes,  but stood out]:  Carley Benazzi, Meimei Shiu and Taylor Wassep.

In general, all of this was terrible! Terrible!
Only three female models were quite good, the rest were simply 'names'.
Tags don't matter. They never did!  Just watch for yourselves.

[Oh and you're welcome, you have a full video of  your 'show']

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