Ferosh copying Modavia Fashion Directory

And finally,  the entire SL fashion community -  especially those who have been around long enough to read Modavia Fashion Directory - we all got it.

Ferosh has been trying to be a copy of MDF  - the word 'Directory' added to their latest magazine issue says it all.
They have been trying to work with only  'a few' designers -  the ones they associate with somewhat haute couture in SL.  It didn't work well. Ferosh almost closed doors, especially because their CEO sometime is online, others she isn't. It's kinda of a ping-pong CEO.

This time, in their latest issue - not directory, sorry that ship has passed with Modavia Fashion DIRECTORY -  they dedicated to some more 'down to earth' and amazing designers, that previously Ferosh would have never taken a look at.
Strange enough,  now they do, like BENDER or GHEE, who have been great designers, but never in Ferosh's list of 'couture enough to be in Ferosh type of thing'.

But not only are they copying Modavia in terms of print, they want to have an academy of some sorts, to teach models, with  'mentors' .  In this case, copying MVW Academy style.

So, actually, nothing Ferosh does is new or is a continuum of something, because the whole thing is ran by an avatar who is quite recent to SL fashion.
The only fashion virtual reality sinontherocks knows was AVENUE and that was because she went to bed with AVENUE CEO.   She held no special position at AVENUE, as far as I can remember, other than being in Ms Raymaker's partner box's name.  That's all.

This is what justifies her ignorance - and her staff - in relation to Modavia Fashion Directory. NONE of them was ever in Modavia Fashion Directory.
MDF was clearly a print ONLY company,  created by Dea Mills - who claimed to be a RL model , I personally don't believe so - and then passed on to Poptart Lilliehook and her team.

Modavia did yearly castings, they did have Models and Supermodels  and they were the first to organize Fashion Weeks in SL;  held usually in September, at the exact same time - days - of NYMB Fashion Week.
Here we are, at a time when Modavia is gone, AVENUE is gone too, Poptart vanished, so did Rusch Raymaker (with this avatar)  and here is this group of people that publish something once in a while and don't actually present a steady work,

Ah, but now, finally,  they present themselves now adding the word 'directory', assuming that the magazine Ferosh publishes has always intended to be a copy of MDF, being arrogant enough to think they would so the same type of work Modavia did.

Sorry to inform, not possible.  It has already been done before your time.
This is the problem: most of  Ferosh's team weren't even in SL back then.  How would they even know how to put together a fashion directory, like Modavia did?
They don't know and here is the result. Just a very boring magazine in SL, pretending to be something else, some sort of ' fashion directory' that can never be copied.
So,  nothing new on Ferosh's horizon.

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