I'm alive!

Oh yes, I'm alive.
I just thought of posting something I got by email.

A youtube video of a RL documentary regarding homossexuality in Singapure, shot in 2006.
And who's in it?

Someone the entire SL Fashion Community knows as Rusch Raymaker.

This is not meant to bully Ms Raymaker;  I was informed by the person who sent me the email - who didn't identify himself or herself - that Rusch has never hidden her sexuality and was always very open about it.

So, here she is, the person behind Rusch Raymaker and after that, the alt Rusch created - Stephan (Ana Markova's previous partner)

Rusch starts on minute 2:39
The documentary is long. You will hear her talk several times, through the entire footage.

It's nice to have a real face connected to the SL avatar  isn't it?
I'm still around.

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