Fashion Weeks in SL

Very rarely do I write a review on SL Model Agencies, but there are several issues to discuss and consider when it comes to provide a good fashion show in SL.

First is to have a good set, good stage, a good runway.
By 'good', I mean, it must work well for everybody, both audience and models. So, the runway should be rather short. Having audience in one sim and models in the other, may be a good solution or help. However, audience must be really close to the runway, in order to see well.

We all have lag issues in fashion shows or events that have more than 50 avatars in one sim. What to do? Reduce our graphic cards settings. If we do that, we won't be able to see some details in that may be important for the show itself, including the models outfits, hair or skin details.

So, I dropped by Boulevard Fashion Week, just to confirm what I already knew, but it's best if I can show you the set.

It's a great example of what not to do, ever.

This is the runway of one of Boulevard Agency's Fashion Week Shows.
If we think in a practical way, this 'tunnel' would be great in a sim where people would go to visit, because it's detailed and it's imponent.
Not much practical for a fashion show, though.

When we think of high fashion, or haute couture, there is a feeling of more creativity; I always hope to be surprised, to watch something different, outstanding , 'out there'.

Haute Couture is not connected with this kind of runways. Yes, we can do this in SL; it shows great ability to create complex building structures. But, what about the effect such a long tunnel will have on the models? And on the audience?

In this particular show, model took forever to get to the front of the runway, the time they spent posing wasn't enough for the outfits to rezz completely. When one model was going back, another model was strutting down the 'tunnel'; in the meantime, the front of the runway was empty.

Not practical at all. Having complex structures such as this one could work in a different situation, not in a fashion show.

I didn't take any snapshots of the models. They didn't rezz properly, not even enough for my usual raw photos.

Not everybody has the ability to see what kind of runway would be good with the designs that are showcased.

Some time ago, I watched one of the castings for new models by MAD Agency. The runway was absolutely simple, in a warehouse scenario, which is very close to what happens in real fashion, in real world. It was actually a perfect set for a fashion event.

Another fashion show I watched lately, I was able to record on video - finally! So, coming soon, an outstanding fashion show, with my raw machinima film.
You'll see the difference between real fashion, an event that brings something new (even in a virtual environment such as SL) and some kind of shows that don't bring anything new to the fashion scene in SL.

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