Modavia Fashion Week 2010

I watched Modavia Fashion Week, this year and two years ago, as well.

Obviously, I will not comment on the organization of the event, I will focus on some Modavia Models I've seen on the runway.

I know there have been lots of criticism around the event itself. Nevertheless, I can only review what I saw on the runway - Models' work.

This year, Modavia Fashion Week was much much better, regarding Models' performance than two years ago. I didn't watch all the shows - just like I didn't in 2008. I took a couple of snapshots; Modavia Models were really outstanding. Not a single Model was below average, from what I saw.

Good posing, extremely well styled, amazing skins. The shows I watched were exquisite - both in styling and poise, on the runway.

Just to take a look at some of Modavia Models, here are some photos, in no particular order, from different shows. You'll notice the simplicity of the poses and, when the designer's style required, Models chose different and more editorial poses. The photos are raw, as you'll see, but we can see the posing.
nemi McCoy

Gamp Lane

Katime Vacano

Queen Watanabe

Payton Heron

I have to say that it's a pity that Payton Heron still uses a very used Model's walk; it kind of distorts the outfits, in the waist area.

Next Model didn't disappoint me. She has been present in several fashion shows I watched, she is becoming an awesome SL Model, one of those who deserves the 'Supermodel' or 'Top Model' tag! I'll keep paying attention to her work, hoping she will keep improving, her styling, her poise. I'm talking about:

Seashell Dench
Seashell did an outstanding job! Her choice of poses was smart, according to the style of what she was wearing and the result was very professional and editorial.

As far as I know, Modavia's strongest focus is Modavia Fashion Directory - in my opinion, one of the best Fashion Magazines in SL, along with Avenue. To see how Modavia Models have improved during the last two years on the catwalk has been quite an accomplishment!

There are other Fashion Weeks going on in SL that I will not review, or attend. In terms of Model performance quality, Modavia Models were outstanding!

On the other hand, International Modeling Convention is starting. I may take a look at it. See ya'll around ;)

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