So, who are these ladies?

Let's see, who are these SL female Models?
If you have been in the same(several)Fashion Shows where I took the pics, that will help.

Some of these Models may be repeated.

Model #1


Model #3

Model #4

Model #5

Model #6

Model #7

Model #8

Model #9

Model #10

Model #11

Model #12

Model #13

Model #14


Pineapple in a Haystack. said...

I think the blonde one up from the bottom is Mavi beck. I can't put the face to the name on any of the others.

EmeraldEyes said...

After some perusal of the photographs I believe that #2 is Dancer Dallagio and #10 is Mimmi Boa - Although I am not 100% confident.

The others, unfortunately, I do not know - so I apologise to any of them if I have worked with them in some capacity :)

Much Happiness

Unknown said...

Here's my guess:
1)Fauve Beaumont
2)Dancer Dallagio
3) Anessa Stine
4) ?
5) Fauve Beaumont
7) Linnda Scofield
8) Fann Hyun
9) ?
10) Mimmi Boa
13) Mavi Beck
14) ?

Fifth Avenue said...

Good job!
So far, you three have identified one Model correctly, all of you. This is a great accomplishment to the Model herself; it means she is clearly distinctive, right?

Model #13 - Mavi Beck

I'm not saying the rest are wrong ;) I'm just saying that you all identified correctly one Model. Let's see if we have more results.

Fifth Avenue said...

Two of you have also identified correctly two more Models:

Model #2 - dancer Dallagio
Model #10 - Mimmi Boa

Good, good.

Morgane Batista said...

is it possible that 12 is also dancer dallagio and 3 maybe voff uggla? then id say a guess for 7 with katherine comet?

Melanie Sautereau said...

I actually only recognized two models, before knowing the answer.

I recognized Mimmi Boa and Dancer dallagio right away, because of their eyes and also style.

Dancer has those big green eyes, which are beautiful and gorgeous. No matter what color hair she wears or what skin, I recognize those eyes! Great job!

On Mimmi I recognize her lashes. Mimmi always use those lashes and they really became her trademark. Which is good! Also her use of skintone makes her recognizable. You dont see many models with a very pale/white skin! :))

Unfortunatly I don't recognize the other models, I'm sorry. I know youve worked hard on your appereancea, but i just dont have a clue.. :(

Maniera said...

Ok. I should be much better with my guesses. So.. here it goes.

1 . Dancer

6. tonya coppola

9 . Cate Honi

10. Linda Scofield

11. Kat Comet

12 Echanted Bebb

13. Mimmi Boa

*and 14 is driving me crazy I know the

Glitter Bolissima said...

If the models were wearing their "normal" skins, it would be easier to tell. I know what # I am, but that is not my normal skin, I never wear that skin unless its for a certain type of show. Maybe using our profile pics would have been better?

LolaLove Lecker said...

Model #1 Fauve Beaumont
Model #2 Dancer Dallagio
Model #3 /
Model #4 Anna Saphire
Model #5 Carilynn OHare
Model #6 /
Model #7 /
Model #8 /
Model #9 /
Model #10 Mimmi Boa
Model #11 Katherine Komet
Model #12 /
Model #13 Mavi Beck
Model #14 Glitter Bolissima

Anonymous said...

1. Carilynn O'Hare
2. Dancer Dallagio
5. Carilynn O'Hare
6. Shae Sixpence
10. Mimmi Boa
11. Glitter Bolissima
14. Harlee Lane

Fifth Avenue said...

Apologizing to you Glitter, I had the wrong name, for your photo.

Glitter Bolissima said...

I do agree, the Lara skin makes us look similar, like Redgrave used to lol. But it is a great runway skin for certain shows as the one I was in when you took the picture.
I really do agree we all need to be distinctive and that is what I do teach my students in basic modeling class.
Thank you for including me, this was a great task and lesson.