The 'old' Models and the 'new' ones

I started paying attention to SL Models and the Fashion Industry, quite a while ago.
I do remember the time when Miss Virtual World (2008) was Isabel Brocco and I also remember the big boost when Mimmi Boa was elected MVW 2009.
Mui Mujerki was also considered the Best Female Avatar back then. These three SL Models are still walking the runways.
Besides the beauty pageants, I do remember well when just the name Mimmi Boa would attract people to Fashion Shows.

In SL, these three Models, could be considered 'old', being however consistently good as runway Models.

After MVW 2009, we all watched many SL Models trying to 'look like' Mimmi Boa. Actually, she was one of the avatars we would (at least I did) identify at a distance, not even looking at her name.

However, no one has even tried to 'look like' Mui Mujerki. It's close to impossible! Nor Isabel Brocco, fo that matter.

They are part - and always will be - of the 'rising beauty' empire in SL.

Every time I watch a Fashion Show where I can see Mui Mujerki or Isabel Brocco, these two SL Models are absolutely discrete. No fireworks when they walk on the runway with their usual elegance and poise. I don't hear the audience screaming their names, as they do with Mimmi, even nowadays.

These ladies are part of what I call 'the old school' in SL, regarding Modeling. They obviously learned how to be a SL Model by themselves, because at that time, there weren't SL Model Academies to learn from.

These days, we have the 'new school' of SL Models. The new MVW - Miaa Rebane is going through the same process as Isabel Brocco, in terms of popularity. She may walk on the runway, but I don't hear the audience screaming her name, with the same proportion as people did with Mimmi. People do scream her name, but I saw Miaa walk and she wasn't that good, actually.

Talking about Fashion Industry in SL. I'm really glad to see that Beauty Pageants are now less important to SL Models. Maybe a couple of Models that need attention do apply to Beauty Pageants of any kind.

I still say that the best SL Models are the ones that are discrete, they work the runway with a certain poise that is clearly distictive. It does take time for an avatar in SL to be good at this. It takes time to prepare and work on their shapes, skins, to create their own identity. It's hard in SL, a place that allows us all to recreate ourselves - again, I have mentioned this a lot and keep repeating this: a beautiful avatar doesn't mean a good SL Model; female or male. It does help though, when we have beauty and good poise at the same time.

Every day in SL , a couple of dozens of Models are popping up. New names [ in some cases, the pbk is the same, which means new name, alternative account]; new SL Model Agencies; new SL Model Academies that offer training at low cost.

Looking back, the SL Fashion Industry is now more focused (I'm glad to notice this) in chosing the best SL Model for a certain designer's brand. Not necessarily always the same Model or the most popular. With the increased number of SL Models, quality is now more important than ever.

Not necessarily poularity, but quality - and these two may not go hand in hand. It's becoming easier and easier for some SL Models to be good. I'm afraid I have to say that the best SL Models I've seen out there are names that go back to 2008. They have the experience, the knowledge, the poise and a certain maturity that stands out. For that, there is no need to be popular, but to be good on the runway.

I'll show you next a very good Fashion Show I watched, took my usual rough photos. I'll remove the names of the SL Models again. You may be the judges yourselves.
Again, in this Fashion Show what was really important were the designers, not the SL Models. That's how I watched it. You may see if on the next post.
As usual, I'm around ;0)


Unknown said...

I consider Miaa to be a very good model. She has worked hard and I think she deserves to be recognized. She is humble and very much different than other models that I have seen.

Fifth Avenue said...

Your comment was much appreciated Liliya.
Thank you.

Sequoia Nightfire said...

I would add on to the thoughts that you have shared as well as Liliya. Miaa Rebane is perhaps the next generation and perhaps the first to be recognized in Second Life fashion. She is representative of the elegance and refinement that is the preferred direction which is trending in SL. This new generation is perhaps less inclined to spend much effort in self promotion as they tend to have fewer hours in SL with development of their careers outside of the virtual. The wonderful thing about SL is the world is creator content. Those that can't adapt to change will fade away. It has always been that way. Give me the personification of a humble creative spirit that breaks through glass ceilings over one who plays it safe.