Another "Fashion" Show ....

Can't remember the name of the these "SL Models" Agency, cause the tag they wore was just "Top Model" and we all can do that- open a Group and create a "Top Model" role. I don't know what this SL modeling agency is.

So, here are the "SL models" I watched at this show. But first, just calling your attention to this: I must be old fashioned (not a good expression to use when I'm talking about Modeling and Fashion in SL) , but where are the good poses? Where are the SL Models that actually take their time to show the outfit (not use necessarily animated poses or the more expensive ones ALL THE TIME).

In this show, these "SL Models" always - and I mean ALWAYS - used the same two brands of poses, one of them has a few animated poses and each of them costs... a lot. So, these ladies used them all, because they must thing the poses are ok.

They are. But not ALWAYS!! I mean, doing an entire Fashion Show with the same animated poses, all SL Models?? It was terrible , really, cause the audience didn't have time to see the Models pose. Actually stop and pose.

It was like "dancing on the runway" not exactly, posing, as a SL Model. And this was done by ALL ladies , during the whole show!!
Personally, I didn't pay any attention to the outfits or jewelry, which was the purpose of the show.

I just saw some ladies on a runway, "dancing", no exactly posing and , of course, when not doing the animated poses (constantly), wearing their AOs.

Are there new techniques for SL Models that I am unaware of? I mean, is any SL Model Academy training Models to wear their AO during a Fashion Show?
Cause AOs are getting better and better in Second Life, giving the avatar the multiple possibilities to be elegant, or more "dramatic". AOs have become great.

If we think RL and SL: in Second Life , to wear an AO is similar to our regular "way of moving" in RL, our everyday day of moving. RL Models, when they walk on the runways, do they move as they do in their daily lives? No, they don't. They all learn how to walk, how to pose, what is the style of the Designer. Everything is so detailed in RL.

Why are people making things differently in SL?
A catchy eye can tell who is actually using SL Modeling techniques or who's just doing their "daily walks" wearing an AO.

I know there are Model AOs, but I can assure you, it's not the same thing. Again, for the excellence of your work, go over SL Model Academies, Model Institutes, ask who is the Model Instructors there, ask who graduated from there. Look for the best for you, as a SL Model.

Cause these are absolutely NOT SL Models and in RL would be soo out of any Fashion Show!

Next, a set of photos with Cafee Maximus. Just watch the details, I'll explain something in between . Just look and see, if you have a catchy eye, what poses are these? the brands?

the next photo shows you the walkshe used . not easy with the famous little dresses.

Next, I must say this. I really REALLY hate this pose!! And I didn't repeat the photo. No, she used it twice with the same outfit!

Next, see in between the poses? AO on.

Do you know this pose, too?
AO on.

and again.

another very "well know" SL Model Pose, AGAIN!

And this one? I really think it's an awful pose! Look what it does to the dress. Elegant? By all means, NO!

Next set of photos, with Jillian Convair.
AO on, of course.

The right pose for this little dress? NO!

Next, you can see the end of an animated pose - it animates the avatar for some seconds. So, she used it and it ends like this (I'm glad , at least, it ends with hands off her skirt!)

Next, what pose is this? It looks like her neck is broken!!

When pausing the poses, here it is: AO on, watching how her nails are, right in the middle of the catwalk!

Next, a set of photos with Kaylee Tebaldi.
I so hate this pose!! Again!

Next pose is also a part of a several seconds animated pose. This capture looks good, because it's a photo, you should see the whole "movement".

AO on.

next, the beginning of the turn with the AO on. If a RL Model did this... OUT!

Next set with Lovena Allen.
Here we go, same brands of poses. Al these ladies used them, all the time!!!
Really, there are more poses in SL.

and this one?

ok, let's change pose. Oooops AO on, doesn't look good.

Next is Luna Myanomotu
Again, the same brands of poses.

Next, in the middle of a long animated pose

and the end on this long animated pose.

pausing (for a coffee, who knows) AO on, of course.

and , this "Anatema" pose, another one I really dislike. It's like she is going to faint after it.

Finally, the next set of photos with Preciouss Metall
She tried a few different poses (but still the same brands)! Not good for the "terrible" (for SL Models) little dresses.
Hand inside her skirt completely.
and again

turning with her AO on

and here, she is just wearing her AO.

I really don't know if it's me who's getting old fashioned, in SL Fashion World. Why do designers still hire some SL Models that are not good to show and sell their outfits? I really don't know the answer.

I can tell you one thing. Being a customer, I wouldn't buy any of these outfits. The SL Models were terrible, badly shaped (a good skin in a not styled shape is also terrible), not styled at all.

Modeling should be more than a "pretty" avatar.
It IS more than that.

Just do your work, in Second Life, as Models, as you know RL Models do. If you are not informed about RL Fashion, study. Watch as many RL Fashion shows as you can, read about RL fashion tendencies. Oh yes, they do end up in SL, they do!

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