Elegance International Models

The simpler the show is, the best it is.

By simple, I mean in all aspects. Let's see for example the space a Model Agency uses for a Fashion Show. In RL, rooms (usually warehouses decorated for the event) where Fashion Shows are held are usually rather small, so that everybody can see the outfits well.
Elegance International Agency, in SL, has a good runway, regarding that.

Since I'm not a photographer in SL, I don't edit the photos you are going to see. I try to catch that little moment, that turn, the edition of attachments, that show if that avatar masters the Modeling techniques in SL - or not.
Let's see some more photos, from a Fashion Show with Elegance International Models.
The Designer was showing skins, so you'll see the SL Models wearing a simple lingerie line and here is where we can see elegance.
No outstanding gowns, no feathers, no complicated dresses, hats or purses that do require certain poses.

Here, it was just the SL Model, lingerie, poses and the accesories they chose to wear.

This is Alexia Speizer
She has some shaping problems, it's very clear. The poses were well chosen.
Turning can be a problem, right? Well, there are ways to do it in SL without looking bad on the runway (even with lag).

Alexia really has a shaping problem. The avatar doesn't look good to me. Find out what it is ;)

This is AngeXX Quandry
Starting with her shaping, it's terrible really. Her choice. When SL Models wear lingerie, we see the whole shaping and we can also see what the SL Model has done for her shaping and styling. AngeXX is a good example of what NOT TO DO.
Pose is not elegant at all, and the hair she chose, not good also. Looks like a kid, now a woman, even less like a Model.
The question to be made always, when you watch a fashion show is: would I buy this skin AngeXX is showing? (because skins was what the Designer was showing) Now, you can answer the question yourselves.

Much better pose!! The necklace was too much for such a simple lingerie.

In the next set AngeXX gets even worse. The relation between shape and skin made her look very ugly. Same question: would you buy this skin?

Terrible choice of pose!! This is one of the static poses photographers in SL use on a pose stand. Not for runway.

This is Diconay Boa
One of the SL Models on this Fashion Show that was wearing her heels sound on, so we could hear her walking on the runway. An SL Model doesn't use heel sounds on the runway.
Let's see Diconay, cause she chose some of the worst poses in this Show.
Here is one.

Also not centered on the runway

Great pose! She did well, very well, here!

Not a good pose, here. We couldn't see her face (and this was a Fashion Show for an SL Skin Designer). The pose was done to the side.

Next set, by Diconay. Again, she managed not to be centered on the runway.

Great hair choice and the pose is rather strange, isn't it? Where is her left arm?

Now, here is a great pose!

And she did it again! Bad bad pose. A static pose, for photography. Not for runway!

This is Giada Oh
She chose to wear the same hair in the two sets, it's ok. But, Giada was another SL Model that was wearing heels sounds on her shoes. We could hear her walking. Not good for a professional SL Model.
Giada also used this "walk". This is just a capture, but I'm sure all SL Models know what this walk is. Not to use on the runway.

And then she used an AO animation as pose. She rocked left to right. I consider this a AO animation. Not a runway pose.

and in a second, we can see her between poses, just standing

she decided to have her AO on, better than to have the poses not working. This is her AO on.

This is Ivyana Szondi
Her poses were great! Simple, elegant. She was good.
Still, she used one of SL new walks. I'm not sure I liked it. She looked kind of stiff, walking with it.

The poses were always good, with Ivyana. But I caught a little editting mistake here. Her hair. But it's just a little one. Not to be done by an experienced SL Model though.

As you see, in the next set of photos Ivyana really uses great poses. The more natural, the better.

This is Keira Soulstar
This SL Model used armpit poses during an entire set. Just watch and see if it looks elegant and professional.

This is also a static pose used better for photography, not for runway.

I don't like this kind of armpit poses on a n SL Model. In the next set, she did better, posing.

ooops, turning can be a problem yes!

This is Leah Portland
She did good here, even though I found some insecurity in walking in a straight line for her.
In my opinion, the necklace she is wearing is too much for lingerie. Would be lovely with another outfit.

Leah did have some problems in centering herself on the runway. They will be ok with practice.

Good pose!

Let's see Livia Mastroiani

Unfortunately, the moment I camed in, I saw her hair. Is that ok?

Good pose, very good. But again hair and seeing it from this camera point, her shape is also not good.
Livia's hair.

Now, check the necklace too. Is there anything wrong here?

Next set with Livia. Hair again?
See her necklace, next. Badly editted, the bottom of the necklace is completely inside her chest.

hair and necklace
however, Livia used good poses

This is Zakuto Destiny

Something in her shaping made the skin look ugly on her.

not so good , this pose.

and this one was a pose Zukuto used at least twice in this Fashion Show; it would be good for a different type of outfit. Nor wearing lingerie. The show was not about training the ladies muscles.

between poses, ready to turn
good pose, in her next set

and then she uses the "muscle" pose again.
this is what happens when the "muscle" pose was still on, and she has done the walking. When she stopped walking, ther you see the end of the pose.

and another repeated pose, not so good. looks twisted.

And I saved the best for last.

This is Sabine Blackburn.

There are no words needed. Everything was perfect with Sabine. Just watch the photos. Simplicity was the key with this SL Model. No more words needed.

As a Fashion Critique in Second Life, I'm again showing you some of the mistakes I found in Fashion Shows I am able to watch. See you in another Show ;)

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