Starwalkers Group - New Contest

I got a notice advertising this "Personality Contest". Here it is the notecard content:

"There are so many contests, it's incredible. You are judged on your modelling skills, judged on your photography skills, judged on your avatar's beauty but very little is really said about you. The master of your avatar. Who are you? Are you a sincere and honest person or are you a liar and schemer? Are you someone truly worth knowing or are you only worth knowing in your sl role? Can you be considered as a true friend or are you a virtual con artist? Can you be trusted? Would it be a true honour to know you or not? Questions, Questions, Questions.

This is yet another contest for you. A contest where we will discover whether you are truely a person worth knowing and where who ever is a friend of yours can hold their head up high and say yes... X is a really nice person and I'm so pleased I met X. I would be really happy and honoured to know X in rl.

If you consider yourself, the person behind your avatar, to be a genuinely nice person, who we would all be happy to know please do enter and try to become Mr or Miss sl Personality of the Year.

The contests starts today and will end on 9th November 2009. It is open to everybody, you do not have to be in the fashion industry. You may have a friend who you think deserves this title.

The prize will be 20,OOO ls guaranteed possibly more for the winner plus the notority the person deserves.

How to enter.

1. Join StarWalker group.

2. Create a notecard, name it "Mr/Miss sl Personality of the Year - (Your name)

3. Attach one FULL length photo of your avatar. It does not have to be a professional photo.

4. Describe yourself, not your avatar but yourself e.g. talk about your strengths and weakenesses, your likes and dislikes, how you react to people you don't know and your reasons for being here in sl, your objectives here and in rl if you have any, you may like to add other things but please keep it short.

5. Please send the nc to Pat Young. If the nc is not correctly named your entry will automatically be rejected.

Around the 9th of every month 10 contestants will be selected. These contestants will be invited to an interview where they will be interviewed by 5 judges. 5 of the 10 contestants will be eliminated. Around the 20th November, date to be confirmed, the 20 remaining contestants will be invited to a further interview which will be open to the public where the winner will be chosen.

There will be 10 Judges for the final inview. All the judges are well known personalities in the grid.

The Rules
There can only be one entry per person.
Your avatar MUST be more than 9 months old."

NOW, please , pay attention to this: you must pay L50 to join StarWalker Group. So, from July till November, how much is the owner of StarWalker Group going to win in cash, just for us to join this Contest???

Pat Young is making money through Starwalkers Group, just because she can't make it working as a SL Model. If that sounds good to you, please, go ahead. But make sure, you're ready to pay the fee to enter the Group.

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