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Many "new SL model agencies" are being born, or at least somehow more publicized, as you all know.

I really don't know what to say about these avatars I saw in this Show.
They were not SL Models, for sure, but, strangely, they managed to "sell" the SL Designer. I ended up watching the outfits and thinking "cool!". The male line is actually great!

But, I cannot call those avatars SL Models.
I repeatedly say that all my comments are not personal and reinforce that again.

So, all these people in the show wore their AOs all the time. And I really mean ALL the time, during the show!!!

Poses were few and poorly chosen (because the AO was on, so they thought, without the proper training, that's how it is done, in SL Fashion Modeling), styling was poor, as well. Some shapes, well I really have no words, see for yourselves.

It's strange though, how most of them had the attachments correctly eddited (which doesn't happen with more "known" SL models). Maybe this was what actually "sold" the outfits. The good editting of the clothes, in general.

Yes, some of the avatars were nice, ladies looked nice, men looked ok, but there's more to a SL Model than that. A sense of refinement was missing.

SL Modeling techniques were not at all in these "SL models", but strangely, as I mentioned before, I personally loved the outfits!

Let's see those AO's working? And, of course, wearing an AO during a show, causes even more lag as we all know, so you may see some avatars not fully rezzed.

By the way, the tag they wore was, of course, "Top Model Angel DM". What else? ;)

A set of photos of ellekirsten Gossipgirl

This is what happens when a SL Model wears an AO in a Fashion Show. It looks good on the photo cause it's a capture, but it's not a pose!

This set of clothes with this "model" was entirely done using AO animations and 3 poses from this same brand.

This is Ewan Emerald. Nice, isn't he?

He could be a Model, yes, but not wearing this AO, this male AO animation is really terrible!


Next is iyouanna Silverfall
Ok, besides wearing her AO, here is a freebie pose and very very common from the ancient days of SL. One of the things a SL Model should do is, of course, be up to date. Let's see what happens when the pose stops. Oooops. AO on.

another freebie pose

stop pose, AO on
This is juxis Dawodu

I was about to run away, scared of that emoter!!!

His throat seemed ok though.

Then, in the next set, he did better. Same first pose... there are more male poses, in SL.

and AO on.

This is 8lyla8 Rayna
(could we ask for more "regular" names, here? )
Nice pose, isn't it? It's her AO.

and here she poses.

turning with you AO on, makes you look like this

AO on, this walk was not for this outfit. Hand inside her skirt.

and a freebie pose. Hand in her skirt again.
This is mickaella Aabye

One of the worst shaped avatars, as you can see. Plus the rest: AO always on and poor posing.

Next photo , I took it cause I found this extremely non professional. See her pubic hair? It's in the skin, so, it shows with this kind of pants. Terrible, actually!

This is miya Sewell

She looks ok, right? well, AO animation.

This is whatt happens between AO animations. That can be captured too. And the middle of the runway, it's a little to her left.

AO on. I would like to see the bikini, here, if she just turned quicker. Without the AO is easier.

well, why didn't I ask earlier? She posed! And we still didn't see the bikini . I was sad.
This is raph Leistone
Another extremely poor shaped avatar.
And, of course, always AO on.

it's clearer here in the following set: the poor shaping and the AO on.

She was the only one I found in this show with clearly bad editted items.

This is Shaani Oh
with her AO on, needless to say.

and again
Next Typha Bailey
Great AO animations! not for a Fashion Show though.

and she posed!!
AO on

she posed, wow!

But when she stops posing, there it comes, the monstruous AO.

oh well, I really enjoyed the outfits. They were cool. But these are not SL Models. It takes L100 to open a Group and give the "Top Model" tag. Sad, sad, sad.

I forgot to mention also (I should have guessed right from the start, because there is no SL inworld training in these "models") that , yes, some heels sounds were on too.
SL Models do NOT walk on those runways with heel sounds on!!! And I am already talking too much! Learn from a good SL Modeling Academy, for heavens sake!

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