Fashion In Look - Another Fashion Show

Last week, I watched again one of Fashion in Look Fashion Shows.
For some time now, I've realized that this Group is not exactly a Model Agency. I don't know what it is, really!
You have the chance here to see who FIL's Manager is: a lady called Anita Claven.

She keeps no secret in her profile that she roleplays the sub/dom "thing", being herself the dom, of course! Here is her sub that she took to this Fashion Show!! Her tag was FIL Manager!!! But see his profile, first.

Now, Anita Claven's profile stating that she has over 2 years of SL photography.

She may, with another SL account. With this account, not possible, here is her DOB.

It's incredibly irresponsible, in SL fashion and Modeling world to take an avatar with this kind of profile and make her "Manager" of what I thought was a "new" SL Model Agency. Could be a blossoming SL Model Agency, we don't know, at first. When I saw this, I was about to leave, but then, what I want to do mostly, as a SL Fashion Critique is to approach better SL Models' techniques on the runway. So I stayed.

In this show, there were very elaborate gowns, full of attachments. The gowns were gorgeous. Let's see how they were modeled.

This is Betti Latte

Hard to find good poses for these gowns. She did well, here.

Not so good in the next photo. I'm not going to tell anymore where I think the mistakes are, regarding poses, which is the case, cause the photos speak for themselves. Other times, I can give you some clues;)

In the next photo, it shows that Betti had herAO on.

In the following set of Betti's photos, welll, just watch. What happened here?

AO on, here.

I mean, can you see her face? Why use animated poses, if they spoil the gown and cover her face?
Moving on to darkevilone Demonia

Did this lady have SL Model Training? Where are her hands?

Terrible pose, the next one! Lost the elegance of it all!

Not easy to model these gowns, really. Her hands, again?

In the next photo, she was not posing, at all, just stopped there.

Again, terrible pose!

Now, excellent choice of pose!!

Next is GirllyHollic Manzo, the lady that bored me to death!! Took too long doing the runway; she didn't pose AT ALL; she had two animations always, moving from letft to right (not a pose!) and did that all the time.
You just need to watch; the next set of photos are with her. Besides all that, her heel sounds were on, too.

We may ask a good question here: what was Lileaka Magic doing during the whole show - I saw her backstage with FIL Model Trainer tag!! She can't teach FIL Models correctly?

Let's see GirllyHollic Manzo.

What is she doing?

next, turning with AO on

and here, she actually poses! I though, ok, maybe it's going to get better!

it didn't, here she is , from left, to right, just swinging, what a pity!

This is Valeria Pienaar
Among all this ladies, Valeria was the one that made less mistakes on the runway. Here, she does good!

Now, where is her left hand?

Great pose, next!
Not easy, not easy to model a gown like this one! And do it in the right way. Valeria managed to show it, almost always technically correct.

Simple pose, excellent! The gown does the rest. Valeria could be a more styled SL Model. She could be stunning, if she were more styled. This choice of hair is questionable, with this gown.

Her hands. Where are they?

Seen from the back. This was a simple pose, she was facing one of the sides. A simple pose, but her hands again, where are they?

I really got bored in this Show. The outfits could be better modeled.

We all know that Fashion Shows are extremely laggy. If we don't have a good net connection, we can't really see well. Imagine, if those ladies that walk on the runway, if they don't have good net connections and if they don't do somethings that MUST be done before a SL Fashion Show, they will lag, even more. If they wear a AO, (which is the first thing the Show Host asks us all at first, do they help themselves with lag?)
It's part of the best SL Model Academies training. How to avoid lag.
Where is this ladies' training?
Now that I think of it, I'm not surprised , with Fashion in Look choice of Manager, Anita Claven, what could a client expect?

If I were a SL Designer I would chose a good Modeling Agency. Fashion in Look is going down, literally!

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