Team Edo Models

I was so disappointed with this Fashion Show!

Everybody in SL Fashion knows "Team Edo Models". There were times when this was associated with quality.
And it still is, in relation to the Designers that want to show their outfits. The outfits were great. But the modeling was , in general, terrible. according to my expectations of what I was going to see, in terms of Fashion.

The Show lasted for 2 hours. Team Edo Models were below average, according to my expectations.

It was not the first time I watched a Fashion show in these two SL sims: one sim holds the audience, the next sim holds the Models. Curiously, the sim that crashes (last Fashion Show I saw here, it crashed several times) is the sim where the Models are.

We may say it's about the lag that the jewelry causes, the outfits themselves. In the audience, you can imagine what kind of outfits there were. So, yes, it was very laggy.

SL Models should know how to deal with lag on the runway (and I don't mean clear cache, relog, etc - there are more things a SL Model can do, but, hey, not by me - go to a good SL Academy for training;) It's not their fault that the sim crashed, but really, that is a place that, along with Patch Auditorium, SL Model Agencies should not hold Fashion Shows.

I've been to extremely laggy Fashion Shows and the sim where we were crashed as well. But there, we had audience and the Models in the same sim.

Something really strange happened! Some people in the audience were also complaining about it, so I guess it was not lag or my SL viewer problem: some Team Edo Models were wearing emoters!! How elegant is that??? Is it "fashionable"? Some people said it was lag. Maybe.
The fact is that some of them had their mouths open wide, it completely ruined the outfit!

The first photo of each Team Edo Model you will see, are the ones that had the emoters on.

Here is Afanaisa Eames
no emoter, but she had her AO on, to prevent lag (there are other ways I assure you)
she stood there like a newbie for a while, next

Next photo, does Afanaisa look like a famous SL Model? She does to me.

Next is a great look! The outfit was really "sold"!

and then, here we go to one of those "famous" old poses
Next is Celeszta Szondi
no more words needed, right? (lag problem???) or was she actually wearing an emoter in a Fashion Show??
it ruined the gown!

After the sim crash, this Team Edo Model came back properly. Is she ok? A professional SL Model with such a skin and shape? Terrible! Just an avatar! No styling at all!

No attention payed to where her hands are - inside her skirt, of course! That is really something a RL Model would do!

the "best" part" - her hair and necklace!! Is this a SL Professional Model? No, she isn't! What are her credentials? Where did she learn to Model in SL?

Next is CheerCoach4EJS Gymnast

no emoter, good! the same "old" poses

She did well, but was not outstanding!

Next is Katina Magic

no emoter, good! bad styling. There are dark skins, more realistic.

looking up, searching for... a bird? (damn lag, shows all the mouse movements between poses)

Katina with her AO on ( I imagine to prevent looking like a newbie between poses) looking at her nails. Good, very elegant for a professional SL Model! What is her training, again?
From what I saw of this SL Model, her net connection was not good, cause she fell in the pit. Lag, yes I know. Blame it on lag!

Next, with a great look, great hair, beautiful gown, all spoiled by an AO animation

and not only that, her hair was not well editted.

Finally, she poses and it looks ok. This gown deserved better!
Next is Sequoia Nightifire

how elegant! emoter on, AO on!
yes, it was the lag (I don't think so)

why I don't think so? Look at this pose, wearing a prim sleeve. Was this lag?
After the sim crash, no emoter and hand in her skirt

and again
Next is Shantal Laval
emoter on, or just lag?

even without the emoter, this pose ruins the gown completely! It's a gown! Formal, elegant. Does this look elegant to you?

Next, Shantal had to walk with a purse, always a challenge. She did well.

And next is her best set! Great outfit!!
I don't like the next pose though.

Next is Sharna Beaumont
In my opinion, the worst SL Model in this show. Not styled, not able to deal with lag, not prepared. Terrible shape and skin. Would a RL woman that looked like this be on a professional runway? Oh no!!
what an elegant pose for lingerie!! Let me run away!

or, she can chose one of the , already so used, animated poses

Next is a gown. Does that strike you as elegant?

Poor Sharna! She had to wear a kimono! and that requires an extreme taste and elegance ( and knowledge, by the way)! The walk was good.

Not good pose for a Kimono, no.

wasn't the next pose, the one she already used with lingerie? Terrible, really!

of course, she couldn't have missed one of these poses

Not easy to be a Model, huh? Both RL and SL. Here, what happened to her hair? Oh I know... lag!

This is Sharron Schuman
emoter on (lag I imagine)

after the sim crash, better better (but , Sharron is a SL photographer, let's not forget this - what are her credentials as a SL runway Model?)

it can be seen, from the hands inside her skirt. Where was she trained for runway, again?

I really like different poses, but the next one doesn't look that elegant with a bikini, does it?

good walk with a Kimono

quite a discrete pose. Sharron did well here.
This is Sheyla Mills
see? no emoter on
ooops, bad turn, lag

she also fell in the pit and next , you can see her jump out of it

She had many net connection problems (I can tell), adding to lag. Made her look like this between poses.

This is SweetVicky Voom
Next two photos, watch how a SL Model can ruin an outfit with a pose. She twisted it, completely. The poses make the Model look good? What about the outfit?

the upper part is all twisted with these poses

This is Talia LeFavre
Actually, she was discrete, not flashy and she did pretty good the entire show.
Just watch how she changed her look, easily, no problem very well styled, in my opinion.

The attention she payed to the poses. Actually, Talia did very well!
There are some minor things I could say but in this show, that would be extra picky, comparing to the work done by the other Models. Talia was the best on the runway.

This is Toapz Saunders
good pose for a gown
and then, when it's time for the (in)famous little dresses, where are her hands?

and what happened to her hair, as well? A professional SL Model that cannot edit hair, is not professional!

Finally, next is Veronica Krasner

This pose ruined the elegance of the gown.

She could have been outstanding with the outfits she was given to walk on the runway. She was not.

And the Show ended, lasted for 2 hours, sims crashing and all, I would think it over before doing a Fashion Show there, again. Some SL situations can be better, if we know how to ;). There is something wrong with the sim where this Show was held.

And with the audience there!! Screaming the Model's names? Is that what people do in RL Fashion Shows? No, we are there to see the outfits, not the Models.

This is the way of thinking in SL Modeling world. The SL Model that connects better, that has more friends, has her name shouted more in Fashion Shows, so does that mean that she is a good SL Model? NO!
It means she is good connecting ;)

I always like to see who is the Model or Models whose names people less shout, that one probably is the best SL Model on the show. Discrete! The Designers are important, the outfits are important, the Models are mannequins. Period! There should be no stars in a Fashion Show except the Designer or Designers!

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